We Are Opening on June 15th

Welcome back everyone! We are going to start a “staggered opening” beginning June 15, 2020. The week of June 15 Lisa will be starting to see clients; the week of June 22nd will include Kevin; and, the week of June 29 will add Nichole. We will start seeing clients gradually, and increase the amount of daily appointments over time, in an effort not to have a lot of people at one time in the office. If you prefer to schedule an appointment with the therapist directly, please feel free to do so. Our contact information is: Lisa (616-822-2932 or lisa@360massage.com); Kevin (616-204-8762 or kevin@360massage.com); Nichole (616-204-4003 or nichole@360massage.com)

We are having to make a few changes as well. We ask that you wear a mask when you enter the building and when you are in our office space. There will be chairs – 6 feet apart – in the hallway outside our door where you can wait for your therapist to come and get you. We are leaving 15 minutes in between appointments to give us sufficient time to thoroughly disinfect our rooms. We will no longer be able to provide water following your session, so please bring water with you to rehydrate yourself. If you start to have a cough or sniffles prior to your appointment, please contact your therapist and reschedule your appointment. If you come in with a cough or sneeze, we will not be able to treat you and will ask you to leave. We must take all the precautions we can to ensure the safety of ourselves and all our clients. We would also ask if you could please download the Venmo app, if you do not already have it, so we can accept payments without the need for anyone to touch our phones or tablets. If that is not possible, we do accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. If you have a gift certificate that expired in March, April, May or June, they will be extended 9/30/20.

We believe we are taking reasonable precautions. However, we cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed to the virus. By seeking our services you agree to accept the risks associated with Covid-19.

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