Nutrition & Health

A Nutrition and Health Evaluation is a natural non-invasive method of assessing your health and well-being, with the ultimate goal of getting to the root problem, of your health concern. Naturopathic suggestions such as diet, herbs, homeopathics, supplements, exercise and body work are incorporated to help individuals feel better, live better and reach their health goals.

Types of Assessment

Nutritional assessments are non-invasive and help indicate the root cause of your health issue. Assessments do not require any extensive testing and can be done by assessing your body, eyes, posture, polarity, hair and skin.

Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a part of the the field of applied kinesiology, a branch of physiology that studies the mechanics and anatomy of human movement. Muscle testing is a noninvasive way of evaluating the body’s imbalances and assessing any of its needs. It involves testing the body’s responses when applying slight pressure to a muscle, to provide information on energy blockages, the functioning of the organs, nutritional deficiencies, and food sensitivities. It can also be used to test the body’s response to herbs and other natural remedies.


Iridology is the science of studying the iris of the eye, or the colored part of the eye. In iridology, it is believed that the color, fiber structures and other aspects of a person’s irises indicate that person’s genetic makeup and the strengths and weaknesses of their physical body. Iridology can be a useful form of preventative health. It allows imbalances in the body to be detected early, giving ample time for adjustments to be made using proper natural therapies.

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