Life is too short to live with
chronic pain and nagging stress.

We at 360 Massage and Holistic Care make every effort to provide the best holistic services for our clients. We are ranked among the top 10 for massage in Grand Rapids! Our mission is to teach clients to take charge of their health, by teaching them about their body and the best methods to reach their health goals. By incorporating natural modalities such as massage and exercise into our client’s treatment plan, our clients experience a more holistic approach to dealing with their health concerns. We seek to help our clients achieve life balance and optimal health.

Kevin Collins

Fitness Trainer & Sports Massage Specialist

I’m a person who enjoys guiding others to achieving their personal fitness goals. I believe life is too short to fret over the small things. I also think the word “can’t ” should be removed from our language. I am an avid runner, biker and athlete of all sorts. I have a background in Physical Therapy from the University of Michigan with a certification in Medical Massage.


  • Conditioning of athletes- Beginner to Pro
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Treatment of lower back & hip issues.
  • Programs that strengthen and correct poor body mechanics.

Fun Facts

  • I’ve been racing bikes since the age of 8 and hold world championship & World Cup.
  • Lover of sushi and junk food.
  • Originally went to school to be an artist.
  • Dog lover and proud owner of 3 healthy pups.