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“360 saved my life. From the first visit, their professional expertise was clear. They diagnosed posture and structural problems, treated affected areas with focused attention, and offered valuable advice for some regular, “at-my-desk” exercises that I could do. Later, my physician noted the difference in my posture and the profound reduction in discomfort that I was experiencing; consequently, he recommended a regimen of regular therapeutic sessions. 360 has been treating me every-other-week now for five years, and the results are undeniable.”
Gerard F.

I selected 360 Massage & Holistic Care based on the Yelp post. I was looking for a Medical Massage Therapist. Prior to going I spoke with Nicole and she was able to confirm that she could offer services based on my insurance requirements. She was very pleasant and professional. I had my first of hopefully many massages today, I feel great – better than I have felt in weeks. She was able to pinpoint my problem area without me having to say much, I was impressed. I’m so happy that I gave this business a try, I would definitely recommend it.
Lee C

I’ve been seeing Nichole since she was a student in 2005. A nurse had recommended I go to Blue Heron and get a massage. I think Nichole was the third student I had seen and she was way better than the other two. She does real massage, not just a greasy rub. When I have a specific problem, I go to Nichole every week or every two weeks. When nothing’s wrong, I try to go every three weeks to keep it that way. Nichole has helped me recover from foot surgeries, inflamed muscles due to careless overuse and assorted other problems. She’s a good person to have as part of a healthy life.
Susan Z.
“Massage therapy is for more than just tight muscles or relaxation. I was suffering from a painful muscle spasm that Occupational Therapy and medication could not resolve. After two weeks of sleeping upright because I couldn’t get comfortable, I visited 360 Massage and I was able to sleep again. Massage is not just a luxury, in some cases it is a necessity.”
Beverly C.

Went once, and will definitely go back again. Super professional, friendly and skilled. Comfortable facilities, very relaxing. Located conveniently in Eastown for cyclists and city folk. Bike racks across the street by the coffee shop.
Tyler D

When I came to Nichole for the first time, I had just been diagnosed with mild spinal curvature that was probably there since birth. The accumulated scaring and damage to my spine had taken its toll over the years. The range of motion in my neck was compromised and affecting my quality of life (driving, sleeping, exercise, etc.). At 48, I was feeling more like 60+. With Nichole’s help, I am now effectively managing this condition and feeling great. I value Nichole’s extensive knowledge of the body and its interconnectedness (for example, my hip tightness has a direct impact on the the mobility of my spine and neck). She responds to what’s happening with my body at any given time and her massage reflects that personalized approach. I know Nichole cares about what’s happening with my body. I never feel like just another client. Our relationship is also interdependent. Nichole provides valuable education so I know how to take care of my body every day, which maximizes the impact of her massages and naturopathic care. Before I knew why I was experiencing neck pain and loss of movement, conventional health care prescribed muscle relaxants and little more, which was ineffective. I am so happy to now be caring for my body naturally…and successfully. This summer, I hiked in and out of the Grand Canyon for my 50th birthday, traversing 4500 ft change of elevation! I’m so grateful to have Nichole as a true partner in my health!
Sharon B.

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