Reiki Treatment

Balances and works on four levels

  1. Physical: The body and manifested pain
  2. Emotional: What you are feeling
  3. Mental: What you are allowing yourself to think
  4. Spiritual: Your capacity to love yourself and others

Reiki works on the cause, rather than the effects of dis-ease. It accelerates healing, which may cause some initial discomfort but most end up healing quicker.

How does it feel?

Most people feel very relaxed as the energy flows through your their, some even fall asleep. People experience reiki energy different ways, some as colors other people as pure love. Some people say they feel pulses, waves, vibrations or they feel changes in temperature, warmth or coolness in certain parts of the body. many people feel a release or letting go of stagnant energy that they may have been holding onto. A common feeling is feeling very centered, peaceful or very emotional as old issue or patterns surface.

What do I do during the treatment? What should I expect?

Take off your shoes, watch and any metal jewelry. If you have any specific areas that you are concerned about make sure to tell the practitioner before you start so they can focus their attention on these areas. you should relax and enjoy the treatment, however, talking or asking questions is fine and all a matter of preference. A pillow will be placed under your knees to help take pressure off your spine and a tissue may be placed over your eyes to allow to better focus inward. Allow your mind to release all thoughts and fears so you can focus on the present experience.

After the treatment.

You may feel energized or you may feel incredibly peaceful. Take time to come to and feel present. You should also drink 8 glasses of water a day for a minimum of 3 days; this helps to flush out any toxins.

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