Winter Myths

Myth: You lose heat from your uncovered head
Contrary to the findings from one 1950’s Army study, most of your body heat doesn’t escape through your noggin, according to Dr. Vreeman. “In the now-infamous study, volunteers visited the Arctic with their heads exposed. However, the rest of them were outfitted in gear designed to protect against the cold, so it’s logical that they lost most of their body heat from their heads,” she says. But, if you go outside without gloves, you’ll lose a disproportionate amount of heat through your hands. So, cover both your head and hands to stay warm!

Myth: Drinking alcohol warms you up
Alcohol makes you feel toasty on the inside, but that’s because it causes your blood to rush toward your rosy-red skin and away from your internal organs. That means your core body temperature actually drops post-sip, Dr. Vreeman says. What’s more, alcohol actually impairs your body’s ability to shiver and create extra heat. So, its going to be really cold tonight – that extra blanket or warmer coat will keep you warmer than that extra hot butter rum! Be safe tonight!

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